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CFO service, simplified

Now any business can operate as efficiently as a large company. With Arena you can have an expert finance team that optimizes payments and regularly measures progress.



Get an Arena Expert to optimize your finances

Save hours each month by having an expert manage your payments

Arena Pay

​With Arena Pay you get...

  • Arena Payment Platform that optimizes the timing and payment method of each invoice payment

  • A dedicated payment expert that manages your accounts payable

  • The ability to pay any invoice with a credit card

  • Worry-free categorization of  payments 

  • Real time bookkeeping

  • Custom payment alerts

Increase the growth of your company up to an additional 20% this year!

Arena CFO

With Arena CFO you get...

  • An Arena CFO that is an expert in your industry

  • Disciplined financial planning

  • A 3 year financial forecast with annual refreshes

  • Industry specific insights to help your business grow

  • Monthly business reporting with Key Performance Indicators 

  • Monthly review of your business with your Arena CFO

  • Exit strategy planning

Set up your account today


Set your business up for success with
one or both of Arena's plans

Arena Pay


  • Arena Payment Platform

  • Arena Payment expert that provides concierge level payment support

  • Quickbooks real time integration

  • Custom payment alerts

  • 20 payments included/month

  • Pay with card 3.5%

  • 2 platform users


$5 for each additional payment 

Arena CFO


  • CFO for up to 2 hours/month

  • Three year financial plan

  • 50 payments/mo optimized

  • Business reviews monthly with an industry trained CFO

  • Key Performance Indicators 

  • Industry specific insights

  • 4 platform users


Additional custom CFO work priced separately

We do all of the set up for you, get started today

How it wors

How Arena works with your business

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 12.45.10 PM.png

Client challenges that Arena is solving

I absolutely hated paying my bills every month. I paid some bills too early and many bills too late which gave me cash flow issues that led me to scramble each month. A friend with another small business told me about Arena and said they could help me and that they had a technology platform that could optimize the timing of my bills. I was spending upwards four hours a month paying bills and trying to keep reporting straight. Arena streamlined my payments for $250 per month, saving me hundreds of dollars in time, not to mention frustration. 


Sophia Williams, Williams & Associates

My business was just getting started and I never considered hiring a finance expert, let alone an expensive CFO. I'd read where CFO's average salaries were no-less than $200k and a good manager was paid upwards of $100k. My $1,000,000 business simply couldn't afford that spend, but we realized we needed financial guidance. We participated in an Arena webinar where they were discussing small business financial health assessments and a week later we completed a survey ourselves and the findings were tough to swallow but 100% spot on. We needed help with cash flow and strategy and everything in between. After getting to know the Arena team, we immediately committed to working with them and over the last two years we've posted significant growth year over year and increased our profit margins from 6% to 19%.   


Eric Sundin, Internal Computer Systems

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